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Who We Are ?

Vasami India is a one of a kind global establishment with a wide range of Personalised Gifting and Home Decor Solutions for every occasion. We provide recommendations, create gifts as per your idea and need, design and deliver happiness worldwide.

What We Can Do For You ?

If you are looking for – Unique and one of a kind gift ideas to make your loved ones feel special, quirky and trendy decor to illuminate your space, festive and occasion specific gift recommendations or multiple gifts for events or corporate, then you are at the right location. Share your ideas with us and we will help create them into reality!

Why Choose Vasami ?

  1. Unique gift ideas.
  2. Recommendation as per your need.
  3. For all occasions and budgets.
  4. Trendy stuff to flaunt in style.
  5. Personal touch to your orders.
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